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Meet Adam Boomer

Adam’s personal experience and passion for supporting clients working through trauma using non-ordinary states of consciousness led him to train as an integration specialist for psychedelic experiences.

Meet Trish Brewer

Trish brings her expertise as a physician’s assistant (2001) and registered nurse (1994) to Harvest’s clinical team with experience including family practice, orthopedics, hospitalist teams, long-term care, and medical services administration.

Meet Linea Maxwell

Linea Maxwell is a licensed clinical social worker with extensive experience helping veterans, elders, families, children, adolescents, caregivers and other individuals navigate life’s challenges with wholeness.

Meet Kaley Burke

A certified Death Doula, Shamanic Practioner and yoga instructor, Kaley is trained in Core Competencies in Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy with Seattle based Telos Transformational Therapies.

Harvest Wholeness Center Grand Opening

Welcome to Missoula’s first legal, medically supervised
psychedelic-assisted therapy center.

Work with Harvest’s Wholeness Guides and find relief from: Anxiety, Chronic Pain (i.e. Fibromyalgia, Migraine), Depression, Existential Distress, Grief, Post-Traumatic Stress, Addiction, Problematic Substance Use, and more.

Meet Kavan Peterson

Kavan is proud to join the cutting-edge of mental health transformation and trail-blaze one of Montana’s first centers for psychedelic therapy through the Harvest Wholeness Center.

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