Group ketamine therapy

Experience more growth more quickly by leveraging the power of group psychedelic therapy

Meaningful connections between cohort members can catalyze transformational healing by encouraging a deeper level of growth through accountability, bearing witness to others’ experiences, and helping reflect inner wisdom and self-healing.

Group vs. Individual Sessions

Group ketamine-assisted therapy (KAT) can be an amazing experience, but it’s not for every situation. There are times when individual KAT may be more effective for your situation. Both group and individual KAT can be useful in treating many different mental health conditions, including psychological disorders, depression, anxiety disorders, and more.

Individual KAT works well for clients who desire one-on-one therapeutic support. Group ketamine therapy is a powerful way to accelerate and deepen the the benefits of ketamine at a more affordable price. Group sessions are led by Wholeness Guides trained in therapeutic group models and cohort members are intentionally selected based on treatment goals.

Benefits of group ketamine therapy include:

  • Groups can provide a safe space for deep work.
  • You can learn from others who have similar struggles.
  • Groups can give you a voice.
  • Groups promote socialization and communication.
  • Groups cost less than individual treatment.
  • Groups can help you grow.

Download Harvest’s Ketamine-Assisted Therapy Rate Sheet which includes the Harvest treatment pathway, sample 8-step treatment plan, and follow-up treatment options. Start your wholeness journey today!

Getting Started

Harvest is accepting applicants for Group Ketamine Therapy. If you’re ready to get started, please click the box below. If you’d like to learn more about Ketamine-Assisted Therapy please check out our section on “Frequently Asked Questions.

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