Meet Kaley Burke

Kaley Burke

Director, Death Doula & Yoga Instructor

A certified Death Doula, Dementia Coach and Yoga instructor, Kaley is trained in Core Competencies in Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy with Seattle based Telos Transformational Therapies.

Kaley earned her bachelors in communication from the University of Montana and specializes in helping individuals and family navigate life changes through coaching, relationship building, networking, and psychedelic-assisted therapy.

Kaley believes that cutting-edge psychedelic medicine can often provide a unique opportunity to deeply understand and process the most challenging, confusing, and painful parts of our lives. By integrating the entirety of one’s life in a meaningful way, including insights from psychedelic experiences, Kaley believes people are able to free themselves from self-criticism, unhealthy cycles of relating to others, and emotional pain.

Kaley is also co-founder and director of Harvest Home Care, where she learned to embrace elders for who they are – real human beings, who deserve to be treated as such. Kaley’s passion for eldercare advocacy is a family affair. In high school she took her first job in the kitchen of the nursing home her mother worked at and turned it into a life-long career in aging services. Her experience working in nearly every level of skilled nursing administration and admissions gave her a deep understanding of the complex web of support necessary to help elders remain at home. Inspired by her brother Kavan Peterson’s national long term care activism, Kaley joined him to bring this culture change to Missoula by launching Harvest Home Care and the Harvest Wholeness Center.

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