Meet Linea Maxwell

Linea Maxwell

LCSW / Clinical Social Worker & Administrator

Linea Maxwell is a licensed clinical social worker with extensive experience helping veterans, elders, families, children, adolescents, caregivers and other individuals navigate life’s challenges with wholeness. These challenges include caregiver stress/fatigue, grief and loss, family conflict, relationship stress, career changes, life changes, financial stress and anxiety. Linea is trained in Core Competencies in Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy with Seattle based Telos Transformational Therapies, and recognizes the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and relational healing potential of psychedelic-assisted therapy. Linea’s approach is both client-centered and positively oriented towards growth and empowerment.

Gifted in cultivating strong and trusting therapeutic relationships, Linea has a passion for connecting with clients and helping them cultivate and achieve their goals. She is currently working with remarkable clients who are courageously awakening through transformational experiences and taking their healing into their own hands.

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