MIND/BODY WHOLENESS supports your whole health, your whole life. Harvest Wholeness services help you face the challenges of mortality with greater agency, purposefulness, love, connection, ease, happiness, spirit and consciousness.

PSYCHEDELIC HEALING is available through legal, safe, medically-supervised psychedelic treatments for people with mental and emotional stress associated with grieving, palliative care, serious health and aging-related changes.

INTENTIONAL SPACES FOR ENHANCED HEALING complement your Wholeness Journey with Reiki, Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Arts Healing, Music Healing, workshops and more.

Energy Healing

Energy healing services are proven to help unlock our body’s natural ability to heal itself. In clinical research, energy healing is shown to be as effective as the placebo effect, which we see as the gold standard proof of our body’s self-healing power.

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Psychedelic Healing..

Psychedelic-assisted therapy using Ketamine is a therapeutic approach that combines the psychedelic effects of ketamine with supportive and integrative healing practices and psychotherapy.

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Healing arts

Harvest’s Healing Arts programs use the power of music, art media and the creative spirit to open hearts and support developmental growth, healing and wholeness.

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