Reiki is a hands-on practice in which a practitioner assists your body in balancing, clearing, and absorbing energy. The practitioner will rest their hands lightly, for 3-5 minutes, along points of the front and back body which correspond to organ, lymph, and energy systems. During the session, the room is dark, with soft music playing. You’ll remain clothed while lying on a massage table, covered with a light blanket.

Reiki is shown to produce profound healing benefits specific to each individual. Many recipients enter an Alpha brainwave pattern, a state between waking and sleeping, where healing is shown to be especially effective. Recipients report feeling lighter, more relaxed, clearer, and centered. 

While there are many ways to describe Reiki, most agree that Reiki is best understood when it’s felt. If you’re reading this, you’ve likely been drawn to Reiki for a reason and we recommend booking an exploratory session to see what it feels like to you.

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