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No demographic has been harder hit by the global pandemic than older adults living with dementia in terms of COVID-19 fatalities and the severe health consequences of ongoing social isolation, depression and loneliness. Music is proven to reach parts of peoples’ minds that help combat these issues and contribute to a more robust life.

The Harvest Wholeness Center is excited to host world-renowned musician and humanitarian Samite Mulondo as virtual musician-in-residence for 2022 under a grant from the non-profit Musicians for World Harmony. 

Under the grant Samite will explore cultivating new memories and lasting relationships with elders living with dementia at home and in long term care communities engaging them through his virtual M.U.S.I.C. Heals workshops on a biweekly basis over 12 months. 

The program aims to build evidence for the healing power of interactive, one-on-one music sessions and the potential to help participants with dementia to develop new memories and deepen relationships with others. As the program develops, Samite envisions participants “graduating” from individual into virtual group sessions, in order for new individuals to join the program.

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Meet our Healing Artists


Samite Mulondo, a war refugee from Uganda and founder of Musicians for World Harmony (MWH), is world-renowned as a musician, composer and humanitarian who for decades has used the healing power of music engagement to rehabilitate child soldiers in Africa and enrich the lives of older adults and persons living with dementia. Samite was featured in the Sundance award winning documentary Alive Inside, a Story of Music and Memory, and co-created and starred in the musical theater production Disrupt Dementia, produced and directed by Harvest founder Kavan Peterson.

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